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    NCERT 12th Class Mathematics Part-2 Text Book PDF

    This post provides you the download link and read online for the full PDF version of 12th Class NCERT Mathematics Part 2 text book.


    NCERT 12th Class Mathematics Part-1 Text Book PDF

    I am very sorry for a long delay in the posts. We are rebuilding our backend to improve the speed and performance of the site. I hope everyone’s preparation is going well.

    In this post I would like to post NCERT 12th Class Mathematics Part-1 Text Book full pdf. (more…)

    IGNOU Public Administration material Part-6: Public Policy

    This is the sixth post in the series of IGNOU Public Administration material. The sixth part is Public Policy.


    A major milestone in polio eradication

    This editorial is too technical. however i am putting some information collected from other polio related articles in Hindu (more…)

    The year the global economy refused to get well

    • At start of 2011 economists and policy makersĀ  predicted that economy was on recovery path
    • but by end of the year, situation is more bleak
    • 2012 is being seen as a make or break year
    • The great depression of 1930 had Franklin D Rossevelt leading the way out
    • But now Obama has failed to meet the standards set by FDR
    • US is reeling under high unemployment rates and policy paralyses due to lack of support for presidents proposals in the senate


    Current Affairs – 8th January

    India to provide special software for blind people to work in government jobs

    • The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has launched a country-wide probe against top corporate houses and high net-worth individuals who illegally operate foreign registered private aircraft in India leading to Customs duty evasion to the tune of crores of rupees. (more…)

    US trump card in Afghan endgame

      • With 2014 nearing, US is looking to reach an understanding with Taliban allow permanent US military presence in region (more…)